Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Its hat season! Calling Janessa Leone

My friend Laura Walters can rock a hat, I cannot, I fact I am most jealous of. Have you gone hat shipping lately? And I do not mean Easter/wedding/derby crazy hat shopping. I mean for an everyday staple, well made and classic that does not require a trip to Amish land? (which I have done by the way, just for a hat). Janessa Leon has created a line of just that, well made toppers in a floppy, boater and fedora style and neutral colors encouraging daily wear, which lets face it, it is a lot less sticky then 60 SPF. . Get them here

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bulletproof Coffee; shoot me now

I am a tired person. Though  I don't really look it thanks to my $150 YSL eye cream that comes with it's own spatula. you know, BECAUSE MY EYE BAGS NEED AN ACTUAL TOOL TO FIX. So when I heard about Bulletproof coffee and it's amazing all day memory sharpening abilities and all day alertness, I was totally in.
Here's the deal: freshly brewed coffee is blended with grass fed butter (like Kerrygold) and coconut oil, making it latte-ish.
Here's my deal :First I blew the lid off the blender whizzing up the hot coffee, probably should have used the Ninja there. That made me seriously awake, so it's working already. The website suggests 3 tablespoons of butter which is a damn lot and my special fancy butter did not have those nifty ruler marks on the wrapper, so I totally had to guess and probably over estimated and I added a lot of coconut oil because I like it. Bulletproof actually sells their own brand of all of these things but since I blew my budget on eye spackle I felt I should cool it down at bi and do the homemade thing. .Anyway, it tasted pretty good, not fall down amazing but shit, Kerrygold butter in pretty much anything, do I need to finish that sentence?
 Of course there is a downside. I had to keep it hot so the butter didn't congeal, I probably consumed about 500 calories and, dammit, I didn't feel that much more alert.  Le sigh

Friday, February 20, 2015

Pierre Hardy Vouyer Shoes

Are you sick of footwear posts yet? Well, too bad, get your own blog. I saw these Pierre Hardy shoes in person and this photo does not do them justice, teose eyes are actually FURRY. Crazy cute and your choice of high or low. Only $895 for a permanent upskirt

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I want to like you, you seem so REGULAR despite the lizard nickname but not.  Iggy Azalea and Steve Madden shoe collab is 20% awesome and 80% trashy. As to be expected. I hate this  particular featured shoe. BUT there is really fab aqua mesh bootie that rocks (a picture I cannot find online) and
a few flats that are totally acceptable. Otherwise yuck. This whole collection is a rehash per use. Fancy is a rip off of Gwen Stefani, ginormous asses are never classy and while I admire her on staff brow professional, in general this look is neither original nor aspirational. STOP IT

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Surprise purse

I snagged this cutie purse thinking it was a 1960's crochet wicker basket style. It is not. Guess who this is? Michael Simon! Of the sparkle sweater Micheal Simon! I almost forgive him

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Wendy Winter retro fun

This is the label of the ginormous bell bottom polyester plaid 1970's pants I wore today. Forgot to get a snap but I added a  cashmere Isli rhinestone epulate sweater and Coach platform clogs with stud detailing. I love the way "Jack Winter", a fusty knitwear company from the  1960's ,
re-branded to accommodate the young'ums

Monday, December 8, 2014


He who hesitates is lost but is that always the case when you are just trying to get a bargain? I went to an antique store closing this weekend and bought a few things at 25% off but one I found out the next day was half off, well,  I decided to be strategic and wait on the higher priced items including an amazing thick bangle with a large car face on rolled gold. Lets face it, I was keeping that for myself but did not feel particularly indulgent so I summoned some self discipline and decided to take a chance and wait. Needless to day, I gambled and lost. Now I am completely obsessed with it and if I ever see it again I will pay pretty much whatever they want for it. Sigh.  I did score these 1940's hood ornaments and metal rocket bank, a small consolation